Move the Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah & Bucky Brooks

Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks look back at the 2016 NFL Draft and give you second-year players that will take the next step. DJ also reviews his notes from a past scouting meeting with former and current NFL coaches about self-evaluation during the offseason. The guys then wrap the show by answering your Twitter questions. 

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Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks start diving into the next batch of college quarterbacks including USC QB Sam Darnold and Wyoming signal caller Josh Allen. The guys also snake draft two teams of rookies they feel like will have the most productive 2017 seasons. 

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Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks go division by division and pick which franchise has given their quarterback the most improved supporting cast through the draft and free agency this offseason. The guys also talk about what NFL scouts are doing currently to prep for the 2017 season.

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Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks take you inside the process of rookie minicamps and give you the latest buzz around the league surrounding the new additions. The guys then debate which 2016 division champions are in the most trouble heading into 2017. DJ & Bucky then wrap the show by taking an early look at the prospects they are already hyped about watching next college football season. 

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Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks continue recapping the NFL Draft. Also former director of pro personnel for the Los Angeles Rams Ran Carthon joins the show. Carthon tells DJ and Bucky about the development of quarterback Jared Goff and the football operations process. He also gives his best scouting story and discusses his college career at Florida.

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Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks break down every class alphabetically by team following the 2017 NFL Draft in Philadelphia. The guys also give their early picks for Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year.

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