Move the Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah & Bucky Brooks

Former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah is joined by NFL Network researcher Bill Smith to construct an all-3rd down team using players traits and stats from the 2014 season. D.J. also plays a new round of "Hits and Misses" based on the 2013 NFL Draft. 

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Former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah analyzes how the St. Louis Cardinals hacking scandal would affect teams’ scouting reports if it occurred in the NFL (2:23). DJ also breaks down the league’s top defensive fronts in “Ask 5.”(5:53) Finally, Charles Davis joins the podcast to talk about his coverage of the U.S. Open as well as a few prospects from the college ranks (19:09).

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Former NFL Scout Daniel Jeremiah is joined by Mike Tannenbaum, executive VP of football operations for the Miami Dolphins, to discuss Ryan Tannehill’s contract extension, the signing of Ndamukong Suh, and the NBA Finals (1:18). DJ also lists a few second-year players that could breakout this season (11:35). Finally, DJ looks back to 2009 and reviews his first ever mock draft (18:13).  

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Former NFL Scout Daniel Jeremiah is joined by Jon Gordon, bestselling author and consultant to teams around the country, to talk how culture plays a large role in turning good teams into champions (2:18). DJ is also joined by Jim Schwartz to play a round of ‘Ask 5’ (30:16). The former NFL head coach also takes you inside a coach’s offseason (39:40).   

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