Move the Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah & Bucky Brooks (podcast)

Former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah is back in studio with colleague Bucky Brooks to break down the Brian Hoyer vs. Johnny Manziel decision, debate MVP candidates and what traits to look for when building a roster. Plus, who is more likely to lead their team to the playoffs: Tony Romo or Philip Rivers. 

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Still recovering from a non-football related injury, former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah calls into the studio to react to the benching of Robert Griffin III and reveal his scouting notes on one of the game's best quarterbacks. Also listen along for a compilation of the best "Move the Sticks" interviews yet featuring Nate Burleson, LaDainian Tomlinson and more. 

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Former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah discusses the tight end position and lists his top five in the NFL today as well as what executives around the league think. Plus, D.J. reveals Bill Belichick's keys when scouting defensive backs and ranks the NFL's best divisions. Lastly, D.J. answers your #AskMTS questions. 

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Former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah breaks down the recent performances of Ben Roethlisberger, Carson Palmer and Derek Carr. D.J. is also joined by Bruce Feldman, author of "The QB: The Making of Modern Quarterbacks", to discuss what makes a great QB. Lastly, Jets wide receiver Eric Decker chats about playing with Peyton Manning and Michael Vick. 

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Daniel Jeremiah is joined by Bucky Brooks and Charles Davis for a midseason review of the 2014 NFL rookies. Discussions include best and worst quarterbacks, best defensive players and the great group of wide receivers. Then, Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall joins to discuss his journey from the practice squad to being the team's leading tackler. 

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Former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah talks about what separates Peyton Manning from other great quarterbacks, the Bears' offensive struggles and why the Colts have been successful on defense. D.J. is then joined by Ravens rookie linebacker C.J. Mosley to discuss trying to fill Ray Lewis' shoes, playing against his NFL role models and much more. Plus, Jaguars general manager, David Caldwell, talks Blake Bortles' progress and building a roster through the draft. Lastly, D.J. shares his advice for aspiring scouts. 

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Former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah discusses Aaron Rodgers ability to make throws like no other quarterback, the league's most underrated defensive players and why No. 2 wide receivers are producing more than No. 1's. Plus, D.J. breaks down the cornerback position with Nate Burleson then talks to Eagles tight end Zach Ertz about Nick Foles' personality and playing Chip Kelly’s “fun” offense. 

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Former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah reveals the reasons behind Brian Hoyer's success in the Cleveland Browns' offense, discusses Russell Wilson's pocket presence and details why veterans Frank Gore and Antonio Gates are still big time performers. Then, San Diego Chargers general manager Tom Telesco joins D.J. to discuss Philip Rivers' skill set, rookie sensation Brandon Oliver and developing players in the NFL. Lastly, D.J. chats with former Baltimore Ravens head coach Brian Billick about front office relationships and the day-to-day duties of an NFL coach. 

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Former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah analyzes the improvements of the Giants' offense and the Cowboys' defense so far this season. D.J. also lists his top five wide receivers in the league today alongside draft expert Bucky Brooks. Plus, Colts GM Ryan Grigson joins the show to discuss Andrew Luck's special attributes and scouting for diamonds in the rough. 

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On this episode, former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah reveals his pre-draft notes on quarterbacks including the Miami Dolphins' Ryan Tannehill and more. D.J. also previews the Week 4 matchup between Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith and the Carolina Panthers. Plus, former NFL offensive lineman Brian Baldinger stops by to break down the skillset and nutrition needed to play the position before the host of "NFL Total Access", Dan Hellie, joins D.J. to discuss Kirk Cousins and the Washington Redskins' offense.  

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